How would you describe the approach to the new catchment?

The new Inner City South SSC boundary is a negotiated catchment boundary that has been informed by using equidistant boundary principles. This approach has been adopted following feedback about the proposed equidistant approach.

What changes have been made to the catchment boundary?

The Inner City South SSC catchment boundary has been updated to expand the eastern catchment boundary into Woolloongabba and has adjusted the northern and southern catchment boundary to minimise the division of residential streets.

As a result of these changes, a small portion of the proposed catchment in Highgate Hill will be retained within the Brisbane State High School (BSHS) catchment.

The Eastern boundary is aligned to follow along Logan Road from Stanley Street South to Denman Street.

The Southern boundary will be largely aligned to roads and parks. 

Why have the changes been made?

The Department of Education undertook community consultation on the proposed catchment and enrolment management plan from Thursday 6 September to Sunday 14 October. The changes have been made in response to the community feedback. 

What did the community feedback say?

Responses typically referred to:

  • support for the proposed Inner City South SSC catchment without change;
  • suggested increases to the proposed Inner City South SSC catchment;
  • suggested reduction to the proposed Inner City South SSC catchment; and
  • minor adjustments to minimise splitting streets between catchments.

Will there be further changes to the boundary into the future?

This is the catchment boundary that the Inner City South SSC will commence with in 2021.  As with all state schools the catchment boundary may be subject to periodic review. You can use the interactive map to search your property address. 

Are there any changes to the transition arrangements?

There have been no changes to the transition arrangements proposed for Brisbane State High School as these were generally supported by the community. 

Can I still submit an enrolment expression of interest?

With the finalisation of the catchment, families can now confidently express interest in enrolment at the new school with the knowledge of whether they are in or out of catchment. 

The enrolment expression of interest can be submitted via the project website. During the consultation period more than 300 EOIs have already been made for the new school with over 70 related to the foundation Year 7 cohort for 2021.

When will the Enrolment Management Plan be finalised?

The Enrolment Management Plan will be finalised following the appointment of the Principal in mid-2019.