Why is the Queensland Academy for Science, Mathematics and Technology (QASMT) being expanded?

The Queensland Government has committed to expanding QASMT to cater for Year 7 to 9 students, so that by 2021 the school will cater for Years 7 to 12.

Expanding QASMT to Years 7 to 12 will provide students continuity of education, friendships and teaching networks during their high school study.

How many students will the school accommodate?

The expansion will enable QASMT to accommodate up to 1,200 students by 2021.

Has consultation been undertaken?

Yes, the Department of Education undertook community engagement for the QASMT expansion project between February and April 2018.

The consultation activities included school community working group meetings, a community information session, letters and communication material delivered to more than 400 local property owners and correspondence with interested community members.

The community information session was held at QASMT on 6 March 2018 and provided residents and community members the opportunity to learn more about the project and preliminary master plan, speak with members of the school and planning team and provide feedback on the preliminary master plan.

A further community information session was held at QASMT on 6 September to provide an update on the project and the revised expansion plans. Community members were invited to view the plans and talk with the project team about the expansion.

How was community feedback used?

Feedback received from residents and the community on the project and preliminary master plan have been incorporated into the updated expansion plans.

Amendments have included changes to the management of traffic and the size, location and configuration of on-site car parking.

Have the expansion plans been finalised?

Yes, the master plan for the site has been used to inform the updated expansion plans. The updated expansion plans have been submitted for Infrastructure Designation.

When will expansion be completed?

The expansion of QASMT will be delivered in two stages. Stage 1 will be delivered by the start of the 2019 school year to accommodate Year 7 students. Stage 2 will provide accommodation for Years 8 and 9 students and will be completed for the start of the 2020 school year.

Have the expansion plans considered traffic changes?

Yes, a traffic management plan was completed for the site which was informed by a traffic assessment, as well as feedback received from the community on the preliminary master plan.

How will impacts to the environment be minimised during construction?

Environmental management plans will be in place during construction to minimise any potential impacts to flora and fauna in the Toowong Creek Catchment area abutting the Bywong Street car park. 

Construction will occur during daylight hours to prevent noise, and light pollution in this area at night.

Local and environmental impacts will be minimised through the use of environmental management plans and controls, and a sediment management plan will be in place during construction.

Wildlife spotters will be on site during construction to ensure the protection of local fauna.

Will trees be removed?

The project team have responded to the feedback from the local community and residents and revised the car parking areas within the preliminary master plan to minimise tree removal.

Construction of the new buildings in the northern and eastern centre areas of the campus will require the removal of existing trees. These trees are not local natives and once the new buildings have been constructed they will be replaced with trees native to the local area.

The trees being removed are located within the middle of the campus and are not located in any identified areas of environmental significance.

During site investigations, four trees within Miskin Street access area were identified as being in decline and these will be removed.

When will construction start?

Stage 1 works will commence in September 2018 and primarily involve refurbishment of existing school infrastructure. Stage 2 will be delivered for 2020 and include: a new northern learning centre and a new eastern STEM hub.